Backwards Design

When you are planning...consider how you will use technology in your unit of study. Start with what you want to accomplish academically, your objectives and head backwards from there to determine what your lesson should look like. At that point look at how you might integrate technology purposefully to produce a product that demonstrates students met your objectives or to help students attain them. It might be that you use it or it might be that they use it or a combination.

Here are some backwards design templates, explanations and tips:

backward planning model.png


  • Be Clear - Are you teaching the tool or using the tool to enhance and address other skills?
  • How is this adding to the unit? Do not use technology for the sake of using technology
  • What medium will you use to share student work?
  • LAST names are NEVER used for student online safety
  • Do you need a parent permission form for what you are planning?
  • Do your students all have internet permissions?
  • Would this be a good collaborative project to plan with someone? Is there building or district personnel that might help?
  • Keep the standards and objectives your main focus